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Materials for housing, road, and industrial construction; materials for the oil-and-gas industry.

Insulation fixing dowel

Facade insulation fixing dowels BOGIRUS is the fruit of long-time work of our engineers, comprising all technological innovations and accumulated facade insulation experience.

Fiberglass building mesh

ISOMAX fiberglass meshes are mainly used for reinforcement of exterior and interior surfaces of buildings and facades.

Geosynthetic materials

Geosynthetic materials are building materials designed to form additional layers (interlayers) for various purposes (reinforcement, separation, draining, protection, filtering, waterproofing, heat insulation) in transport, civil, and hydraulic construction. This category includes the following material groups: geogrids, geocells, geocomposites, geotextile (dornit), geomats, geomembranes, mesh structures, etc.